Concept Homes How and Why are they better?

Concept Homes How and Why are they better?

If you are shopping for property, you would hear these two new terms: Concept Homes and Smart homes or Smart Property and Concept Property.

When it comes to owning a space, we can be pretty demanding. Thus, the architects have been developing unique ideas to pique the buyers’ interest.

Concept homes in India are more than just living spaces. The type of concept homes that are Indian realtors are developing and are being preferred by the buyers are

  • Township Projects
  • Lifestyle homes
  • Smart Properties
  • Child Centric Homes,
  • Golf Homes,
  • Senior Citizen Homes,
  • Weekend Getaway (that can fetch income as vacation rentals, too).


How and Why are Concept Homes Better?

With the extensive development of the Internet of Things or IoT, real estate development in India has also made good use of it. A smart home or smart property is equipped with the latest technology and automation to make it as energy-efficient, convenient, and safe as possible for the inhabitants.

On the other hand, concept properties revolve around the requirement of a specific segment of buyers. Child Centric Homes, for example, are centred on the growth, safety, and enjoyment of children and the convenience of parents. This notion will appeal to parents who wish to provide the finest opportunity for their children.

Smart homes and Concept homes are not mutually exclusive and can be combined to create what is known as Concept Smart Homes.

All concept properties provide as many amenities as possible within the project’s vicinity. Thus, a Township project would include schools, shops, malls, recreational areas, and sports centres with all sorts of facilities, including swimming pools and more, medicinal facilities, senior citizens parks, and many more in a township project. They take care of all the big and small requirements of a family unit.

Comfort with a lifestyle based on a theme that sets them apart from the usual homes is the base concept of the concept properties.

Thus, if you are a newlywed couple, you prefer a Township project. However, if your kids are already growing up, you can pick a vacation rental investment option. Similarly, if you are about to retire or have retired already, choosing a Senior Citizen Township makes sense if it has all the amenities that a senior citizen would prefer.

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